Plan Zed / Puranzetto (Planzet) (2010)

In 2047, due to the alien invasion the world population is reduced in half. Initiated self-defense counterattack - are ineffective. On a military base in Japan, is planned operation to save humanity and stop the invasion, called “Plan Zet”. The protagonist - Hiroshi Akedzima, landed in enemy territory …

19 October 2010

Even before Russian …
123-centimeter dlinnokot hit the Guinness Book of Records

• Ukrainian Russian army suppress the rebellion in the Baltic States »»»
Ukrainian army in the exercise "Maple Arch", which are held
• The U.S. State Department congratulated the Russians on the Day of Russia »»»
Press Service of the U.S. Embassy in Russia extended congratulations to U.
• Today in Russia Day of missile troops and artillery »»»
Day of missile troops and artillery celebrated annually on November
• Senatoren eingeführt haben, ein neuer Feiertag in Russland - Tag des Sieges wird zweimal gefeiert werden »»»
Der Föderationsrat billigte eine neue denkwürdiger Tag - 2. September - Tag des zweiten Weltkrieges.
• Senators have introduced a new holiday in Russia - Victory Day will be celebrated twice »»»
The Federation Council approved a new memorable date - September 2 - Day of the Second World War.