Vladimir Putin - George W. Bush: “My dog is more your”

Available Reuters was a copy of the new book, George W. Bush Decision Points. According to the memoirs of ex-President of the United States, once during the visit of then Russian president Vladimir Putin at Camp David, he presented to Mr. Putin, a Scottish terrier named Barney.

Later, when Bush arrived in Russia, Mr. Putin gave him a tour of her cottage. “I saw a large black labrador running across the lawn” - wrote Bush. - “Wink, Vladimir said:” More, faster, stronger Barney “.

Later, Bush told the story Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who, in his words, replied: “You’re lucky that he showed only his dog.”

4 November 2010

Happy Holidays! On November 4, Russia marks Day of National Unity.
Rest on a tour of Peter

• Putin planned to march on an expedition in August »»»
Until the end of August, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in an expedition of the Russian Geographical Society.
• Putin has found a counterpart to Obama's more important: the first visit to the summit will be to Belarus »»»
Before the Russian leader canceled a trip to the Camp David summit G8, the first country in which he could come on an official visit, was the United States.
• Petersburg pastry blind 70-pound chocolate Putin »»»
Confectioners from St. Petersburg began to work on the growth figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin of chocolate.
• Putin wants to assign the title of Hero of Kyrgyzstan, to order or call it the name of the Tien Shan mountain »»»
Kyrgyz parliamentary faction leader of the Ata-Jurt (Fatherland) Kamchibek Tashiev at a meeting of the party proposed to assign the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
• Medvedev chose Mersedes GL500 for a trip to a potato field. Potatoes are barely able to find and then fine »»»
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev appeared behind the wheel of a respectable Mersedes GL500 SUV on the potato field during a trip to Voronezh region, told Interfax.