Origin of chess

The earliest versions of this, perhaps, one of the most enigmatic and intellectual games, were already known in the fourth century BC. The game at first glance, is simple and consists in the normal movement of pieces on the board. One of the known ancient varieties of chess - chaturanga, was known in the first century AD. The title of this, initially considered a war, the game comes from the Indian word chaturanga denoting the type of building troops with chariots, elephants, foot soldiers and cavalry. Reproduced on the board battle, which involved the above four kinds of troops, headed by the commander. Figures were placed on having a square shape, a board consisting of sixty-four cells. In reality, involved four players. From a combination of falls in the throwing of bones, depended on the direction of the figure. This game lasted until the early twentieth century, changing its name to chaturradzha, which means competition between the four kings. Figures acquired a different four-color (red, black, green and yellow).
Still later, in the late sixth century AD, the game appeared shatrang or chatrang whose home was Central Asia. Distinctive sides of this game are that there are two groups of figures and the emergence of new figures - Farzin - Assistant to the king. Number of participants in the game down to two people. It is here that there is such a thing as a mate - the creation of a desperate situation for the opponent’s king. The game becomes a clearly defined intellectual nature. The eighth and ninth century AD marked the spread shatranta in the eastern and western countries, where the game gets a new name shatrandzh. Basic rules of the game almost did not change until the fifteenth century. The only novelty was the change of the figures themselves. Islam is not allowed to depict living beings in any form, so the figures were cylindrical and conical shape, which, however, even simplifies the process of their manufacture, and even contributed to the rapid

7 November 2010

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Ukrainian military fear that Russia inflict blows on Ukraine nuclear and neutron weapons Told the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko.
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Damage to the Space Station, and even more interplanetary spacecraft in most cases can not be corrected.
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