The popularity of zombies and vampires - a consequence of economic instability

Vampires and zombies - this has long been not just a horror movie characters and popular and beloved heroes of popular culture. Romantic love story of vampires in the movie show, they dedicate the novels and the whole saga, and cheerful horror movies with zombies always collect a full house of spectators.

Between zombies and vampires is a material difference: zombies eat other people’s brains, and the vampires drink blood. Zombie brutal and fun vampire romantic and thoughtful. But those and others - specifically fashion trends.

In recent years, the army of zombies and vampires are fighting for leadership in the pop-culture - in literature, film and television. Browser DailyFinance Bruce Watson watching this fight and displays some correlation with the cycles of economic ups and downs. Movies about zombies are usually more prevalent during the boom, vampire stories are gaining popularity, when the economic situation is unfavorable, says Watson.

7 November 2010

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