Hangover or alcohol withdrawal syndrome or 5 ways to cure a hangover

Only a little over a month until the new year 2011. early morning, many will meet in the hangover after the measurements were not drinking, there are 5 ways people fight this harmful tradition of drinking alcoholic beverages for the new year.

20 November 2010

Rest in the new year in Kislovodsk.
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• Back to the Future. Russia again waiting for a tough anti-alcohol campaign led by EP »»»
Deputies and senators are planning to develop anti-alcohol bill, which in its essence is similar to the recently adopted tough anti-smoking law.
• One-third of Russian citizens daily drink alcohol at work »»»
47% of respondents admitted that their companies have people who drink alcohol before coming to work, show the results of last poll portal Joblist.
• What you might not know about beer? »»»
Beer - a great drink, it is today one of the most popular around the world.
• The Brewers were in favor of responsible consumption of alcohol »»»
Few people know that beer is the third most common beverage in the world, behind only water and tea.
• Among the Swedish population is increasing mortality associated with liver damage alcohol. The measurable impact on the health budget. »»»
In Sweden, 83% among women and 65% among men increased mortality associated with liver damage alcohol for 10 years: from 1997 to 2007.