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Here are some, however, nonsense is going on: rock lady, femme fatale, the naive nimfetochki, aggressive lady-vamp, and all sorts of other types of women in horror, retreating to the militancy of the pressure of the girls who love “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” znachyut , differs from the NES SNES, wear T-shirts with Darth Vader and brothers Mario and have no desire to meet modern standards of beauty and behavior.


3 December 2010

The Kremlin will decorate Christmas spruce using nanotechnology
Design the sofa - the nuances of selection

• The best super girls »»»
Some women get pleasure from meeting with a client. Others worked, received a fee and go about his business.
• Churov: Youth need to know how a sandwich horseradish smeared power »»»
CEC arrived at Seliger, not with empty hands and meeting gifts to young people with creative t-shirt slogans.
• A new kind of adventure tourism "Visit the Revolution »»»
Beaches, ancient monuments, as guaranteed by the sun - and the smell of revolution in the air: Egypt and Tunisia are banking on their recent unrest.
• Bushkov read war oligarchs »»»
The guys have got a wolf in a cage, and the old servant with a happy break strange that all the love affairs depend on the mood of women.
• How come a fashionable night club »»»
What to Wear to the club? Dress comfortable or beautiful?