In Abu Dhabi have the most expensive Christmas tree worth $ 11 million

Christmas tree[/t:[t:tag slug=derevo]tree cost $ 11 million is set in a luxury hotel Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. According to the newspaper Telegraph, a tree height of 13 meters was the most expensive in the history of the holiday tree. As the general director of Hotel Hans Olberts, artificial Christmas tree is decorated with golden toys, sapphires, diamonds and other precious stones.
By setting a “gimmick”, management of the hotel, popular among the global elite, expects to attract more visitors on New Year’s holidays. The hotel has an automatic trading in gold bullion.
According Olberts, hotel management plans to apply for official status conferring tree Guinness World Record as the most expensive tree in history. Currently the world record holder is a Christmas tree, set in Tokyo in 2002, which will be priced up to $ 10.8 million

17 December 2010

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