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Want to know what the coming day you prepare you go on a trip, plan to go on a date, make a purchase or to meet with a business partner … Stars prompt, good to be the day for you.

21 December 2010

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• First Friday / Saturday of February - the day alumni meeting in the Russian schools »»»
Traditionally, for an unwritten rule in the Russian schools decided to arrange a meeting of graduates: the first Friday of February.
• C Programmer's Day! »»»
September 11, 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree prepared by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.
• In the Murmansk region five soldiers convicted for hazing »»»
In the spring of 2010. TV STRC Murman reported the case of hazing in the military relations of the Northern Fleet in Murmansk.
• Firm "" - comfortable passenger vans. »»»
We offer comfortable passenger services on the Voronezh region, Rossii.Dostavka employees to and from work.
• Summer Holiday - Day of cucumber »»»
Day cucumber became an annual tradition in Suzdal. This year the holiday “Day of cucumber in Suzdal will mark exactly three days, from July 23 to 25.