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19 January 2011

How to tame wavy parrot?
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• In New York, could be fined $ 250 thousand. For insulting transgender »»»
The City of New York Commission on Human Rights released a new guide on protecting the rights of transgender people.
• Luzhkov's press secretary and chief Resin protected from questions of journalists literally hand to hand »»»
Did not, as they say, cool chair, after a loud firing Yuri Luzhkov, its permanent press secretary completely switched to his new boss.
• Foreign tours in 2016 will cost twice as expensive than a vacation in Russia because of the increase in the dollar and the euro. "Bricked demons ..." »»»
Including this reason, many choose holidays in the Russian direction.
• Muslims celebrate the most significant event - Night of predestination, which, according to tradition, the Koran was revealed »»»
In the Islamic East is down the most significant night of the year for Muslims - Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Predestination.
• The shop, which is waging war on partnerships mountain masters »»»
From the outset, they form the shop, which is waging war on partnerships mountain masters.