Sex doll Anna Chapman released in America

Pipedream California company plans to start production of rubber copy of the “Russian spy”.
Employees of corporations are looking for a girl with a figure identical to Chapman, which will become the prototype of a toy for adults.
- When we find a girl who looks like Anna Chapman, we’ll make it with her doll. But while in Los Angeles, no one would be a little bit it looked like.
In late January, Anna Chapman has registered his name as a brand that allows it to publish under his own name clothes, cosmetics, toys and other goods.

However, Pipedream is hardly interested in this - they had never asked permission to “cloning”.

3 February 2011

Austria - resort Zell am See “
Nokia 6700 Classic - Nokia Phones

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Each week, our shop is expanding its range and is becoming more and more children’s products.
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28-year-old resident of the German city of Braunschweig Sarah Farber did not believe her eyes when she saw a tiger on the street.
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Lixori company produces and sells a very unusual jewelry. This jewelery with the smell.
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On Monday, the Internet excited the photos of two girls who had organized the game naked in the snow, in the center of Khabarovsk.
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