Sarkozy has banned ministers vacation abroad

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the ministers to spend their vacation[t:tag slug=otpusk]vacations in France, and vacations abroad will be allowed on an exceptional basis the Prime Minister and the Elysee Palace.

“Starting today, members of the government should spend their vacation, preferably in France. Invitations abroad will be approved by the Prime Minister with the consent of the diplomatic office of the presidential administration, who consider their compatibility with the foreign policy of France,” - said Sarkozy at a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

He stressed that the ministers may refuse to travel on holiday abroad.

Sarkozy’s statement was a response to controversy surrounding the French Foreign Minister Michel Alliot-Marie and Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

A week ago the media reported the details of the Christmas holidays of Foreign Minister of Tunisia. It turned out that in the midst of popular unrest in late December, Alliot-Marie flew on an airplane Tunisian businessman, whom the media reported as an approximate deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The Minister said that the owner of the aircraft was not approached Ben Ali, but instead lost a lot of his relatives. She promised not to fly on private jets, while we minister. Socialist Party of France, in turn, calls for the resignation Alliot-Marie.

9 February 2011

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