The laws are the direct precursors of capitalist development

As a result of interference owners regalia, which occurred both in the interests of profitability of the enterprise and in the interests of workers, have been established uniform codes or charters for the mining industry (commercial law), which gave impetus to the development of trade in the ore. These laws are the immediate precursors of capitalist development, all of them are on the point of view, technically and economically constructed large-scale production. The basis for the initial development served as a peculiar situation of mountain communities and guild organization of workers. By contrast, owners of jewels now been created rationally designed mining enterprise, the capitalist form of exploitation in the ideal equal footing KIHE (originally Cook’s number was found …

14 February 2011

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In the initial stages of its development is intertribal trade phenomenon.
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According to a recent survey of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).
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Federal Forestry Agency will create two innovative center in 2012, said on Tuesday Secretary of State Office, Alexander Panfilov.