The wife filed for her husband to court on labor issues. Spouses are still together

In 2008, Helen Hutcheson began an internship in a dental clinic, her husband, having concluded a deal with him in terms of which pledged to free work out there for a year, to prove that something is so worth it. ”
The woman claims that after this period the husband promised to take her to the staff and to pay 3,000 pounds a month. However, the man calls the agreement a joke, and points out that since August 2009, his wife was credited to the staff with a salary of $ 1 500 pounds, wrote The Daily Mail.
The woman left the clinic in June last year after a conflict with a colleague and asked the Labour Court with a demand to compensate underpaid her, in her opinion, money. The court dismissed her case. Spouses continue to live together, and, according to Helen, she did not love her husband less.

18 February 2011

Kudrin considered viable innovative scenario for Russia - teaser advertising network.

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