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Transitional state of newborns, or as they are called differently, transient, ryavlyayutsya result of exposure to stress of labor and the impact of environmental factors, which gets a child after birth. Depending on the degree of adverse effects on the child’s body, these states can take pathological features occur unnoticed or do not occur while minimizing the stress factors. Border states, there are many …

14 March 2011

10 mistakes that most often make parents in raising children
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• Adaptation of the kid to a school garden »»»
Often parents, giving children in care or school to worry about is that the adaptation is smooth.
• Is there sibling rivalry? »»»
Is there sibling rivalry? The appearance of a baby into the world - this is a great happiness.
• Postpartum depression »»»
What could be more joyous occasion than the birth of a child?
• Ukraine young parents named their son Evromaydanom »»»
Political developments in Ukraine so influenced a young family from the city that the couple decided to call him Evromaydanom.
• Scientists have a new attraction explained lush female buttocks »»»
Interest of men to the lush female buttocks is not associated with this volume of the body, and the bending of the spine.