One-third of Russian citizens daily drink alcohol at work

47% of respondents admitted that their companies have people who drink alcohol before coming to work, show the results of last poll portal Meanwhile, nearly a third of citizens daily consume alcohol on the job without substantial reason. Among the most popular strong drinks were champagne, vodka and wine.

So, according to 41% of respondents in their team have a few people that allow access to work while intoxicated. Another 6% of respondents said that “tipsy” in their company receives a lot. Nevertheless, 53% of respondents said that such precedents in their team no.

Meanwhile, 18% of respondents would not mind a drink during the work, and 5% do so permanently. At the same time drink in the work community, as a rule, to relax or for your company. A favorite drink on the job - champagne, vodka and wine.

According to half of the respondents in their work community accepted drinking alcohol during corporate events (51%) and the celebration of various events in the life of employees (63%). However, finding any excuse to drink 16% and 10% drink on the job without any reason.

Moreover, among those who consume alcoholic beverages on the job without substantial reason, 35% drank several times a week, another 27% do on a daily basis.

It is interesting that one-third of respondents reported that their company drank at work employees are not punished, and the authorities aware of this problem. According to 23%, alcohol lovers escape punishment, because leadership is not as unaware. The remaining 50% of respondents said that their companies practiced penalties and dismissal for alcohol use.

Interestingly, for 18% of respondents with primary education is considered normal alcohol abuse at work. At the same time, only 3-6% of the respondents with secondary, incomplete higher and tertiary education is considered acceptable to get drunk on the job. It is interesting that people with higher education drink less rest.

Favorite alcoholic beverage of those who likes to drink intoxicating to work at least sometimes, is the champagne, vodka and wine. 20% are not averse to treat yourself to a beer. And for 8% of the respondents view of alcohol is irrelevant.

5 April 2011

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