Comparing the results of the periods 1945-1960 (RSFSR) and 1995-2010 (RF)

Today, any responsible citizen of Russia, the questions arise: What became modern Russia as a result of numerous reforms? As far as modern Russia better than Russia since the Soviet Union? What is the future of the new Russia?

To answer these questions, we conducted a comparative analysis of the major indicators of Russia’s development during the two periods of its history - as a federal republic (RSFSR) in the Soviet Union during the recovery after World War II from 1945 to 1960 and the establishment of an independent Russian Federation (RF ) after the collapse of the Soviet Union from 1995 to 2010. For the study was taken in 1995 rather than 1991 to give small odds of a new Russia, because the results of World War II and the Cold War were different. In 1945, the destructive forces were absent, the Soviet Union expanded its borders and influence in the world, which contributed to the early commencement of economic growth. After the fall of the Union began to operate the inertial forces, which lasted until 1998. On the other hand, it would be unfair to give too great a handicap to Russian RSFSR, as the government had chances to change the situation and the advantages of market economy in the middle of the last decade.

6 April 2011

Political slogans instead of the results of football matches. Unidentified hackers broke today the site of Petersburg club Zenit
Collection from Roberto Cavalli Spring-Summer 2011

• Cemil received the Order of Merit in the fight against fascism in Russia »»»
February 8 at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center were awarded
• Today in Russia Day of missile troops and artillery »»»
Day of missile troops and artillery celebrated annually on November
• Senators have introduced a new holiday in Russia - Victory Day will be celebrated twice »»»
The Federation Council approved a new memorable date - September 2 - Day of the Second World War.
• Merkel: "Ebola threatens the world, the extremists and the Crimea to Russia" »»»
According to the Chancellor of Germany, the world order has been violated by the Crimea to Russia.
• BBC closed, worked since 1946, the radio station "BBC Russian Service" »»»
Russian Service of BBC radio goes out. This step has long been known.