PA to Eklizi-breaker

On the first day of Bright Week the young parishioners of our church, along with students 34 mK. Simferopol, and their parents spent the weekend hiking in Eklizi breaker. On top of Eklizi Burun read in Wikipedia: Eklizi-breaker (Ukrainian Eklіzі-breaker, krymskotat. Eklizi Burun, Burun Eklizi) - the highest (1527 m) summit plateau Chater-Dag. Title …

25 April 2011

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An attempt to hijack an airplane Tolmachev

• In February, the Russians rested 4 days in a row - to celebrate the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. »»»
Transfer weekend in February 2010 would allow the Russians to rest for four consecutive days.
• Live Classics »»»
The second (city) Round All-Russia competition of readers “Live Classics” was held March 15 at 12:00 pm in the Youth Library.
• Photo Christmas "spree" Russians will give 11 days »»»
Russians on New Year's holidays in 2015 will give 11 days - from 1 to 11 January inclusive.
• Hiking on the mountain Ben Nevis. / Favorite Planet »»»
Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland, more than 1300 meters above sea level.
• With all my heart with a bow and love »»»
February is considered the most severe month of the year, so it is no wonder that this man’s party has appeared in the last winter month.