Russian ECMall 2.2.1

After the release of his older brother - ECShop (single-user professional shop) by presented another great product - the electronic trading platform ECMall for users to trade in goods. This electronic trading platform ECMall provides an opportunity to create for each user their own store in minutes!

ECMall - a system of electronic commerce (hereinafter referred to as ECMall - multi-store). This script allows you to create your own store each registered user within minutes (providing electronic trading platforms to users for a particular fare). The system automatically can create a subdomain for each store user! The result is a fast growing and promising emerging network of full-fledged stores users.
ECMall - a perfect and readable open source, giving greater efficiency in the use of data cache, page caching and other means and forms of advanced caching technologies. In this way, the speed of PHP scripting and interaction with the database reached unimaginable heights. The site and stores users open as normal static page. Server load is practically not felt that the positive effect on the choice of conventional hosting services, as a result - a big savings!

Site ECMall uses a powerful filter, sort, and search for goods in all stores, through which, customers can quickly find the products and make a purchase. Shop owners have a professional panel to manage your store. It is possible to create each user category for their goods. The control panel stores have flexible options for placement of goods (used to extend and change the specification for products: color, size, height, width, etc.).

In ECMall a rating system of shops and goods. There is also a comment system, and special advice for the interaction of the seller and buyer, where the shop owner can tell, and to help its clients in selecting goods and making the purchasing process, speeding up the transaction process. Users - the owners of the shops can install and configure any method of payment and delivery of goods.

ECMall allows customers to add items to the cart and provides a flexible interface in a private office to manage their customer data and orders. The process of ordering products is very simple and does not cause confusion for the buyer. All functions in the interface ECMall simple and understandable for both the buyer and seller. Interface site created with the well-established tradition, used in most online stores and e-retail customers C2C, so that all customers are satisfied with the process of successful transactions.

The system ECMall predusmoteny various systems to encourage buyers. Sellers can offer their customers: promotional coupons, discounts and other

13 May 2011

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