High-quality coaching from the company SOYAconsulting

Coaching - it’s not learning guru, no training and no consulting. Coaching is based primarily on the issues which provides coaching to solve their client. Trying to find the answers to the questions the coach, the client may take a different look at things, finding the right solution, and sometimes totally unexpected, to reveal hidden features that before and never thought.

24 May 2011

High-quality coaching from the firm SOYAconsulting
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• Successful Coaching »»»
Coaching - it is not guidance and advice, not training and consultation.
• High-quality coaching from the firm SOYAconsulting »»»
Coaching - it is not wise teaching, not teaching or consulting.
• Successful coaching of the company SOYAconsulting »»»
Coaching - it is not advice and guidance, not a teaching and counseling.
• Un coaching réussi »»»
Coaching - il n’est pas d’orientation et de conseils, pas de formation et de consultation.
• Un encadrement de qualité de la firme SOYAconsulting »»»
Coaching - il n’est pas sage d’enseignement, pas d’enseignement ou de conseil.