In Japan, fired the first 400 years of foreign geisha

Australian Fiona Graham for a brief period, less than 4 years old, was lucky to be only 400 years geisha, representing the West. After the conflict with local colleagues she was forced to leave the ranks of the geisha.

According to the newspaper Sunday Telegraph, Sayuki, that is “transparent happiness”, the name she took to become a geisha in 2007, has been accused of neglecting the traditions and customs of an ancient profession. Instead, to improve their skills in dance and music, it’s too much of time to their own advertising.

But the biggest “crimes” attributed to 47-year old Fiona Graham - failure to honor their elders, which is in the Land of the Rising Sun violation of all norms and rules.

“After staying in the association for more than three years - a London newspaper reported her colleague, who asked not to be named - she did not attend the lessons and did not carry out our policies. And she constantly quarreled with us.”

Fiona Graham, an Australian by birth, came to Japan a third of a century ago, when she was 15 years program
school exchange. She then studied at the prestigious Keio University and graduated from Oxford, where she studied social anthropology.

Ase complex profession of a Geisha Fiona comprehended in okiye, geisha school, where she specialized in playing the bamboo lute. In order to address the visitors teahouses and restaurants, you must obtain permission from the elders of the Association of geishas. But you need to attend a course playing the lute and dancing and pass the exam. The Australian also said that it is already fairly good command of the musical instrument and dancing to waste precious time.

6 June 2011

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