The Chinese are going to copy a whole city

The Chinese are going to build a replica of an Austrian town Halshtadt, which is called “the most beautiful place in the world.” To do this, tourists from China, visiting the village, taking pictures, “literally every stone” for more accurate reproduction of homes in their homeland. Plans Asians plunged Austrians in shock.

In the Austrian village Halshtadt, located on the bank of a mountain lake near Salzburg, and under the protection of UNESCO as one of the most beautiful places in the world will double.

A copy of the village will be in China in Guangdong Province. Although work on the reconstruction of the settlement are already in the final stage in Austria found out about it just now, and it threw people into shock Halshtadta.

According to Austrian newspaper Krone Zeitung, the locals believe that to implement plans to reconstruct a copy of the village helped the Chinese tourists who are now all in Halshtadte mistaken for spies. They spend months in Austria, made photographs and measured every stone architectural buildings in the village, assured the Austrians.

“Actually, is it possible? - Now the question people are given the Austrian countryside. - The fact that the Chinese are copying machines and cars, we knew, but an entire village? ..”

Picturesque location Halshtadt inhabits only about 900 inhabitants, and it is protected by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The village is situated on a lake and attracts a large flow of tourists. “Some of the Chinese tourists who seem to pursue very different goals, making the colorful pictures” - wrote the German newspaper DNews.

Prepared Chinese construction drawings were discovered accidentally resident of the village Monika Wenger. She runs the hotel Grüner Baum, who was also copied, as the church and plaza of the village. “I believe that they at least had to ask residents for cooperation”, - spoke in an interview with Krone Zeitung hotel manager.

Wenger is now feared that as soon as a copy of their villages in Guangdong will be ready, they will not see more visitors from China.

However, the regional government has set up an unfriendly to Chinese tourists. For example, recently Mayor Alexander Shoytts received a request if he could take a group of Chinese. However, the application did not contain information about the topic of a scheduled meeting. “They spoke only on the ideas start cultural exchange” - the head of the commune. So now before the meeting with Chinese delegation wishes to clarify Shoytts how legally this kind is legal copy.

“Can I stop the Chinese construction, we do not know” - he admitted.

But not all set up in Austria so pessimistic in relation to the erection of a copy of the village. For example, the Austrian Union of Tourism says it is a “gift” that would serve for Chinese tourists, “a wonderful advertisement.”

20 June 2011

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