Belarusian police forbade applause

Independence Day of Belarus, on July 3, during the public festivals citizens can only applaud the veterans, in other cases, the applause will be treated as violations of law and order, the deputy chief of Minsk city executive committee - the chief of public security police, Igor Evseev during a press conference on Monday in Minsk.

“If this will be cheering our veterans and military - then of course, you can applaud,” - said Igor Evseev.

Statement Yevseyeva due to the fact that the last few weeks of the Belarusian opposition holds protest rally in a new form: the activists gathered in the street with no posters, no shouting slogans, but only applaud.

Evseev at the press conference recalled that the October Square, where traditionally try to meet members of unresolved civil action “Revolution Through Social Networks”, is closed for any events.

He pointed out that in order to carry on this area, as well as in other central areas of the Belarusian capital any event, you should get permission from the authorities.

In turn, the first deputy head of enforcement and prevention - head of the Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs of law enforcement Kubrakov Ivan noted that the police are able to distinguish members of unresolved civil action against those who are just walking in the streets of the capital.

27 June 2011

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