In Rostov, a teenager in police uniforms “fined” citizens in the park

In Rostov-on-Don arrested 17-year-old, who form the police “fined” citizens, earning a “change” more than 500 rubles. According to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Russian Interior Ministry in Rostov region, the teenager went “patrol” the park, buying without any documents in the form Voentorg police, lieutenant shoulder straps, handcuffs and a badge of officer patrol. More often lzhepolitseysky received money from citizens for drinking alcohol in public places and the lack of registration in those from the North Caucasian republics, offering instead a protocol to solve the problem on the spot. According to the teenager, his average salary was 500 rubles. for “change.” None of the people never asked a young man’s business card.

With respect to the false police report drawn up by st.17.12 RF Code of Administrative Offences (illegal possession of uniforms with the signs of differences, with the symbols of the state military organizations, law enforcement or regulatory bodies). In addition, the teenager is under investigation for stealing a purse.

28 June 2011

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