Quarantine 2: Terminal already online!

Once a passenger plane showed signs of unexplained illness accompanied by the mad behavior, the plane made an emergency landing. Getting off the ladder the passengers find themselves in the quarantine zone, which made the arrival terminal of urban services. And not in vain, I must say, turned, as one after another like plague other passengers fall ill ….

28 June 2011

In Rostov, a teenager in police uniforms “fined” citizens in the park
In Kamchatka, the last race on office chairs

• Passengers Flights Hong Kong - Vladivostok bound brawler tape »»»
On board the plane, flying from Hong Kong to Vladivostok, there was a fight.
• Angry flight attendant opened the door emergency exit in an airplane »»»
On the eve of JFK airport landed aboard JetBlue, flying from Pittsburgh.
• Russian aviaturisty told about the attitude of the applause at landing »»»
About half of the Russian tradition aviaturistov believe clapping immediately after landing a good thing.
• Drunk, the FSB report to the General broke his nose passenger flights of Sochi - Moscow. Hooligan was immediately released »»»
The man who introduced himself as General of the Federal Security Service, had a fight with passengers directly into the flight.
• Passenger Railways sued 80 thousand rubles. neighbor for the fall from the top shelf »»»
Passenger train “Saratov - Moscow”, which fell a neighbor with a broken top shelf, sued “by the Federal Passenger Company” 80 thousand rubles compensation.