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30 July 2011

Tatyana Polyakova read online library
Quit smoking without any harm to the figures

• First Friday / Saturday of February - the day alumni meeting in the Russian schools »»»
Traditionally, for an unwritten rule in the Russian schools decided to arrange a meeting of graduates: the first Friday of February.
• Happy New Year 2011 wishes poems, sms »»»
Let Santa Claus on New Year Wine glasses you pour, That song was fun and beautiful night and brighter.
• Muslims celebrate the most significant event - Night of predestination, which, according to tradition, the Koran was revealed »»»
In the Islamic East is down the most significant night of the year for Muslims - Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Predestination.
• Friday: The wife of the President of Estonia caught kissing a young man in a cafe »»»
First Lady of Estonia Evelin Ilves caught kissing a young man, wrote in Friday's Journal Kroonika, whose article publishing sites to local media reports.
• In things visitors burnt "Lame Horse" found drugs »»»
Examination of the Perm State Drug Control has identified three cases of drug detection in the things visitors to the club “lame horse” in Perm, burned on the night of December 5 last year.