Ukraine bans in restaurants to keep the bears - they are forced to drink vodka

Ukraine has decided to ban restaurants and cafes to keep the bears to entertain guests after a member of the Cabinet Office said that he can not see how the animals forced to drink vodka.

The initiative, which may serve as an example to other former Soviet republics, the Ukrainian Minister of the Environment Nicholas Zlochevsky promised to release about 80 of these bears and send them in reserve in the west.

“No matter how turn on the TV all the time show the bears who suffer in restaurants and some hotels roadside,” - said the Minister.

“How much can you tolerate abuse of animals in restaurants, where the work up of the company forced the bears to drink vodka and have fun with it.” Now a national park in western Ukraine to construct bears a special cage in which they can accommodate in December, he added.

According to officials, restaurant owners, which include bears, will be fined and the animals themselves - seizure regardless of whether they had initially required documents or not. Caught and tamed bears are used in different parts of the former Soviet Union for the entertainment of the public. They are trained to perform in circuses, with tourists taking pictures for money, sometimes in restaurants as they exhibit unusual drunken customers. Animal rights activists argue that animals are often produced by alcohol dependence, from which they should be treated.

6 August 2011

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