In St. Petersburg, completed long-term construction

Last Friday was finished construc[t:tag slug=sooruzhenie]construction of a bypass road around St. Petersburg and opened a network of facilities, flood-proofing the Gulf of Finland. Built complex is able to protect against rising water up to five meters, and hence the flooding of the city. The construction of these buildings and roads was begun in Soviet times, but was delayed, and in the nineties and …

14 August 2011

That night in Novosibirsk meteorite rain turn into a “shower”
Administrative regulations for issuing permits for foreign employees and work permits for foreign nationals

• In Evpatoria completed construction of the largest dolphinarium in Ukraine »»»
In Evpatoria completed construction of a new dolphinarium, which will become the largest not only in the Crimea, but also on the territory of Ukraine.
• Construction of houses. We know everything about houses! »»»
This site contains information about the construction of cottages, modern building materials, contemporary design, architectural history and building technology.
• 7 golden rules for building your own home »»»
Who has not dreamed of building a house, a few floors with many rooms.
• Ukraine is fenced off from the Russian earthen ditch along the sea for 570 million hryvnia »»»
Ukraine plans to build a new line of fortifications - this time along the sea.
• Elimination of the "Jubilee" main control began at a time when a large part of preparations for the 1150 anniversary of Smolensk, far from over »»»
Unable to complete work on the Dnieper embankment, construction of sports and recreation complex ecological and biological center "Smolensk Zoo" building preschools for gifted children.