That night in Novosibirsk meteorite rain turn into a “shower”

In August 2011 residents of Novosibirsk can watch the meteor shower. Perseid meteor shower called, he got that name because radians meteor stream is in the constellation Perseus. This meteorite rain takes place every year. Told amateur astronomer Sergei Maslyakov, in 2011 a meteor rain will be fairly strong, but watch him be 17 to …

14 August 2011

Super mario 64
In St. Petersburg, completed long-term construction

• In Novosibirsk oboznalas police had apprehended as a thief mobiles son of the City Council Speaker »»»
In the Novosibirsk region policemen suffered embarrassment after the detention of a relative high-ranking official’s City Hall.
• The best places for observing the stars »»»
Night sky disappears before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands of stars, which could previously be seen with the naked eye, now almost invisible because of the bright city lights.
• Patriarch Cyril called to pray for the cessation of drought »»»
Patriarch recalled that a special prayer for rain will all have to offer on Aug.
• Venise sera Disneyland »»»
Cette image terrible est présenté dans un rapport statistique sèche de l’administration locale.
• The man decided to rob, to escape from prison in a scandalous wife »»»
A resident of Novosibirsk unusual way tried to solve their family problems.