Tours in Santiago, Chile

The capital city of Santiago - Chile. It is situated on a plateau at the foot of the hill of Santa Lucia, surrounded on three sides by the Andes. Santiago - is a major cultural center.

19 September 2011

The revolution, which for so long spoke news2 not perfected
Gryshchenko: prospect of EU membership is not necessary authority, and Ukrainians

• Modern Gorodets »»»
Gorodets - remarkable for its beauty and historical significance of ancient Russian city, contemporary Moscow.
• Abandoned Soviet-era school in the village Revky. »»»
Photo-tour of the abandoned village school last century. We conducted whole expedition in the Chernobyl zone, to plunge into the atmosphere 20 years ago.
• Making your child's birthday balloons »»»
Children are waiting for a holiday look and happily respond to every detail of the celebration.
• Santa Claus presented the staff with GLONASS »»»
Built-in staff satellite equipment will determine the coordinates of its location and transmit to the control center.
• In Moscow on the Day of the city to make a "caramel fountain »»»
Fountain of caramels and dragee open in the estate of Santa Claus in Kuzminskoye park on City Day in Moscow (September 5).