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22 September 2011 | odnonochnik

Began beta testing Diablo III
Sell ​​DVR, G-Sensor

• Scientists have a dynamic image of the simplest circadian clock »»»
Scientists in many studies have dynamic picture of events that occur in humans in the functioning of bacterial biological clock.
• Started test electric cars BMW ActiveE »»»
Prior to the sale of electric machines entirely Bavarian BMW automobile plant is not a lot of time and therefore the firm begins to test a long personal electric vehicles in real conditions.
• Salad of pears and celery »»»
Salad of pears and salad seldereyaV this successful mix reddish pear, celery and cauliflower.
• In southern Thailand at the checkpoints manned dressed in police uniforms monkey. To give humanity posts »»»
Dressed in police uniforms macaques became increasingly appear among the policemen at checkpoints in the provinces in the far south of Thailand.
• Chocolate Park Museum opened in Beijing »»»
The unique park-museum of sweets, which exhibits edible china, bags, shoes and even warriors from the tomb of China’s first emperor opened in Beijing on Friday, RIA news.