Ari Atoll - Buddhist heritage

Male atoll, not only is popular with tourists. In the western part of the cluster of islands located Ari Atoll, is also highly revered by fans of a break from the hustle and bustle of cities and civilization.

13 October 2011

Samsung and Google postpone the presentation of the “new product”
Men’s Diet

• In the Pacific, founded by the Russian Empire »»»
In the Southern Hemisphere - Cook Islands - now the Russian Empire.
• Maya building shelters before the end of the world »»»
In Mexico, at the site of ancient Mayan Kiuika appeared unusual settlement.
• Downtown Kiev »»»
City properties. Why is that there is a perception that the most prestigious and convenient places to live in the city is a central part of it.
• How to stop teen smoking »»»
For municipal services, the deputies adopted cessation interventions due to the departure of the turnout of the population in cities is not high, therefore.
• In St. Petersburg at the governor's banquet will spend 16 million »»»
In the process of organizing and holding regular Petersburg International Economic Forum to be held June 17-19, the budget of the city shall be desolate for 50 million rubles.