Men’s Diet

Deputies Uzhgorod city council adopted a decision according to which institutions and enterprises of the city on November 1, is proposed to start work an hour later than in the whole Ukraine.

14 October 2011

Ari Atoll - Buddhist heritage
Tarmashev Sergey - ANCIENT. Corporation (Audiobook)

• In Dnepropetrovsk, according to the decree of the Kyiv contemplating how best to name the city »»»
In the regional center of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast of Ukraine - Dnipropetrovsk began voting for the renaming of the city.
• Toronto Mayor danced at a meeting of the City Council under the Bob Marley »»»
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, known scandalous reputation and drug addiction, once again excelled.
• In Novosibirsk oboznalas police had apprehended as a thief mobiles son of the City Council Speaker »»»
In the Novosibirsk region policemen suffered embarrassment after the detention of a relative high-ranking official’s City Hall.
• Vacation deputies and senators have proposed to cut by one-third »»»
Reduce the annual vacation of parliament from the current 42 to 28 days proposed by members of the Legislative Assembly of St.
• How to stop teen smoking »»»
For municipal services, the deputies adopted cessation interventions due to the departure of the turnout of the population in cities is not high, therefore.