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15 October 2011

Men’s Diet
Cleanse the body

• BEATLES Festival on December 9 at 20:00 »»»
Music Club Restaurant Dzhazman “and the company GOOD RIGHT MUSIC, with the support of the portal Beatles.
• BEATLES Festival am 9. Dezember um 20:00 Uhr »»»
Music Club Restaurant Dzhazman “und das Unternehmen gute passende Musik, mit der Unterstützung des Portals Beatles.
• "Black Cat" ran through the city? »»»
On Friday, March 25 at the Ryazan Youth Palace hosted the first stage XXIV Interregional Festival of Contemporary Dance “The Black Cat 2011.
• Festival des Beatles Décembre 9 à 20h00 »»»
Music Club Restaurant Dzhazman “et la bonne compagnie de la musique directement, avec le soutien du portail Beatles.
• Israeli troops staged a flash mob of dancing in the occupied Palestinian city »»»
The Israeli troops staged a “brazen” Dance in the heart of the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank: last weekend swept through the internet homemade video.