In the Azov police dispersed a march in support of Putin

On Saturday, October 15, police rule in Russia, supplemented by another example of lawlessness: police broke up in the city of Azov, the intended action in support of Putin - “March of the willing” (he’s Procession to the glory of Putin).
Young people, the true patriots of freshly baked organization “Children of GDP” would pass through the streets of Azov, to express support for the Leader of the Nation.
At the beginning of the march was supposed to read out the message:

“People, brothers and sisters!
Thanks to the rule of Vladimir Putin (GDP), our national leader, the country began to move forward and rise from the ashes of the 90s, living standards rise with each passing day, pensions grow at times, to open a business it now trifling matter, there is practically no taxes you do not feel them, every year the country grows stronger and growing, we are growing by new territories, the population is growing, thanks to Vladimir Putin, young families are becoming more and more, thanks to the parent capital stopped women to have abortions, restored the spiritual heritage of our ancestors, which destroyed the damn Bolsheviks !
Competent national policy eliminated the conflicts on a national basis, the Caucasus became a united and free under the guidance of the wisest ruler of Russia and his faithful follower of Ramzan Kadyrov. United Russia party, headed by Putin, who is the party of real cases, it helps every citizen of our great country, the reform of the army allowed to turn it into power that fears and respects the whole world, under the leadership of the great army of Putin’s bullying has been reduced to nothing, the officers entered the new and better standard of living.
Our land was fertile and tasty. Even in the famine year it can be eaten with a spoon, but hunger will never be, because we are led by Putin’s greatest, it is truly the Helmsman of the Russian people! Putin’s beautiful face lights up rooms of all honest and incorruptible officials of Russia. Indeed, the Russian people stopped drinking and became proud and it’s all thanks to the great son of the Russian land, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who is his unbending will ship under the name “Russian Federation” to the shores of the island of Utopia, which was first to reach the Russian people!
Hail Vladimir Putin I!!!
If you are not an enemy of Russia, or not quite dead Bolshevik damned if you work for no money at the West, like hell and liberasty Limonov, who want to throw our country into the abyss of evil and lust, then:
Join the procession on October 15 from 16:00 Azov Cossack church of Our Lady Mother of the building prior to administration of our beloved city.
Putin is with us, Christ! AMEN. “

17 October 2011

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