Snow White breed!

Hollywood has launched a new film version of just two of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale of Snow White. In the version by Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Hunter “a traditional story still has undergone a significant correction. Hunter (Chris Hemsworth) that evil queen (Charlize Theron) to kill Snow White ordered (Kristen Stewart) becomes her protector and brings out her formidable knight in a skirt - the avenger …

19 October 2011

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Top-10 Gothic writers

• Today, 11,000 people gathered in white in the center of Paris. And in 60 cities around the world »»»
Until Thursday evening June 14 kept a closely guarded secret venue in Paris, the traditional campaign called “Dinner in White.
• The angelic spirits! »»»
Just recently replenished with new material site a good mood for children and adults, fairy-tale forest.
• White Chicks / White Chicks (2004) HDTVRip/1400/2100 + HDTVRip-AVC + DVD5 »»»
Again, make a slip, FBI agents (brothers of African-Americans) conceive whitewash themselves to the leadership.
• The artist created a panel of 200 thousand dead ants »»»
An artist from California, Chris Truman (Chris Trueman) created a panel of 200 thousand dead ants, reports The Daily Telegraph.
• Opposition to one day turn the Red Square in the "white" »»»
On Sunday, April 1 rally organizers “For Fair Elections” will hold a rally near the Kremlin.