Top-10 Gothic writers

That is not a complete list of writers whose books should be read any goth - do not read them, you’ll stay and conventional poser, ryadyaschimsya in black clothes, and do not have not the slightest idea of ​​what the Gothic as a way of thinking. Believe my word for it - to pass for poser in the medium is ready - the last thing, and therefore - take a pen and write down, or even better keep this short article in their comp …

19 October 2011

Snow White breed!
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• Today, August 20 marks 75 years of famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov »»»
- How will you meet your anniversary, in what mood? - No celebrations we have not planned, just open a bottle of champagne, all will be the most conservative manner.
• Slavo-Aryan Vedas (Audio) (Author: katco) »»»
Book 1 Santi Vedas Perun saga Ynglings Book 2 Book of Light.
• By Morozov to Fomenko »»»
I sat quietly, looking straight ahead, and warmed his hands on a glass of hot whiskey.
• Died writer Robert Asprin »»»
Well-known science fiction writer Robert Lynn Asprin (Robert Lynn Asprin) died suddenly on the morning of May 22 at his home in New Orleans, USA.
• Mathematical analysis of historical texts »»»
- I’m trying to write a book about recent developments, but have not the faintest idea how to write, nor even on how to begin.