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24 October 2011

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• Summer Holiday - Day of cucumber »»»
Day cucumber became an annual tradition in Suzdal. This year the holiday “Day of cucumber in Suzdal will mark exactly three days, from July 23 to 25.
• The respite from the army after the operation »»»
This is the most energetic, perhaps, the most expensive project in the whole of his life, because Russian is not stingy, and their desire to be the best is already known to the world.
• Onion diet »»»
Enjoy the food, after that little of this stroke properly execute, but it happens that strongly adhere to the updated receptacle only do decay.
• The U.S. State Department congratulated the Russians on the Day of Russia »»»
Press Service of the U.S. Embassy in Russia extended congratulations to U.
• Stomach Diet »»»
I’m not the countess, in a couple of balls as you can quickly lose weight for free, she feels the children are having guests, noted.