In Moscow, EroExpo - Exhibition for market professionals for adults.

In the largest exhibition center of Moscow, an exhibition “EroExpo” - communication platform for players of products for adults. The event was attended by the owners of sex shops of the most remote points of the CIS - from Kiev to Sakhalin. EroExpo - the first event of the industry scale, organized by the combined forces of the players of the market - the largest distributors and manufacturers.

The opening ceremony was attended by business leaders and organizers, “Biorhythm-Trade” (Ekaterinburg), Fun Factory (Moscow), “Andrew” (Tyumen) and Erotic Fantasy (Khimki). The exhibition also presents a further 8 companies subject: Fleshlight Shop (St. Petersburg), ROS TEKS (Chelyabinsk), Strawberry Film (Moscow), ROSPARFYUM (Moscow), SUPPLIER OF HAPPINESS (Moscow) SKAMATA (Moscow), the spire-Wylie (Perm) and B2B magazine Russian Adult Industry (Moscow)
The event participants noted a fairly high response from visitors: for the days of the date of EroExpo visited more than 300 resellers and retail representatives. Format closed B2B event created an opportunity for all interested parties to conduct a significant number of truly effective negotiation, learn about the latest market and pave the way for new contracts.

According to Angela Mafioli (Mafioli Angela), Director of Sales Evolved Novelties: “Until this year in Russia, there was only one case event, with a greater degree that focuses on end-users. EroExpo - this is a very promising step in this exhibition is not only solve current problems, but it is in my opinion, generally defined milestone in the development of the Russian market. The fact that competing companies have been able to unite the industry shows a significant movement forward “

31 October 2011

Catering, Catering cues
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State-owned companies are not going to indulge in conducting corporate lush holiday at public expense.