In Primorye, the students and teachers were driven to the festival at gunpoint

As reported by RIA “Date’s” Senior Assistant Attorney Maritime Elena Telegin, prosecutors Chuguevsky area identified breaking the law during in September this year, the Day of Knowledge in the MOU “Secondary School. A. Fadeyev” in the village Chuguevka.

It is established that for the school line, dedicated to the first day of school, school officials prepared a script in advance of mass events involving children. Thus, teachers were brought to the feast in the car, carrying a prison, and then they were taken out in the company of dogs a person armed with machine guns, and were staged kidnapping of student school and its release.

In accordance with paragraph 4 of the Federal Act of 24 July 1998 “On basic guarantees of children’s rights in the Russian Federation,” one of the most important objectives of public policy for children is to protect the last of the factors that negatively affect their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral the development. The law requires public authorities of the Russian Federation shall take measures to protect the child from information and propaganda and agitation, and harmful to their health, moral and spiritual development.

Meanwhile, items such as the delivery of the holiday school teachers in special vehicles for transportation of convicts, simulated convoy of teachers with firearms and dogs, are a demonstration of violence and rigidity, the opposite of public policy objectives in the interests of children who do not contribute to their intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development, but on the contrary, discredit the education authorities.

Violations of legislation to protect children from information harmful to their mental health, have led to the intervention of the prosecutor’s office.

On the audit, the district prosecutor Head of Education Administration Chuguevsky metropolitan region made representation on the review by the director of school named AA Fadeyev by the Head of the municipal district Chuguevsky reprimanded.

31 October 2011

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