Tina Kandelaki propiarila travel agency for 1.7 million

November 2 Kuntsevo District Court will hold a meeting at the suit of the popular TV presenter Tina Kandelaki to the travel agency “Four Seasons“, from which the socialite intends to collect 1.7 million rubles in July for a spoiled holiday in Greece. On this October 31 informed the RAPS with reference to the press secretary Tatyana Danshovu court.
According to her, the plaintiff has paid for a ticket to the island of Mykonos over 850 thousand rubles, but the living conditions at the Kivotos Hotel allegedly did not match those that were declared by buying a round. “The plaintiff claims that she has while resting in a state of depression and nervous stress, so she seeks to recover non-pecuniary damage and, as of $ 850 thousand rubles,” - quoted the representative publication of the court.

1 November 2011

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