President of Belarus earns Administrtsiya escort services

The administration of President of Belarus actively adopts the experience of Moscow escort companies that provide the rich clients of beautiful girls. In the pursuit of money Belarusian officials have lost reason and honor.

“Belarusian partisan” in the hands of hit document: business proposal of the administration of the presidential administration. This proposal is sending officials to enterprises and foreign missions.
Belarusian high-ranking officials under the guise of the President of Belarus took up escort-services at the highest level. Officials boast that service in the business protocol of the Palace of the Republic “hired girls, graduates of the leading modeling agencies, finalists and participants of Belarusian and foreign beauty contests.” As you know, all the beauty contests are held in Belarus under the supervision of Alexander Lukashenko. Knowledgeable people say that it is often beautiful and personally selected by the President.
Apparently, the girl of his selection will now work in the field of escort services. Recall, for those who do not know what escort service - it’s support of the rich and often sexually anxious people during vacations and business meetings and trips.
On the personal instructions of Manager of the President at the Palace of the Republic was established office protocol, which consists entirely of girls of model appearance. This service is prepared and distributed among the Belarusian enterprises of all forms of property “proposal for collaboration,” which praises the beauty and intelligence service employees of long-legged protocol and offers services to participate so-called assistants to ensure the business protocol during various official events, exhibitions, presentations and celebrations receptions, etc.
Assistants - the so-called girls in the document - have any “special knowledge and qualifications” for the protocol part of any event.
Relations with the “potential clients will be based on a contractual basis,” and the cost of services, that is, girls, “will be determined based on the needs of the client and the nature of the services.”
Watching over the girls ‘mom’, that is, “Chief of Protocol of the business - Elena.”

3 November 2011

The reasons for the September crash of Yak-42 near Yaroslavl
Avtospravochnik. Mazda will present a world premiere - the concept.

• Putin has found a counterpart to Obama's more important: the first visit to the summit will be to Belarus »»»
Before the Russian leader canceled a trip to the Camp David summit G8, the first country in which he could come on an official visit, was the United States.
• "It is ridiculous to call themselves Vovan" (Phone bully told why Lukashenko played and what it led to) »»»
Pranker, known as Vovan222, played the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and called him on behalf of the son of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.
• In Rostov, a teenager in police uniforms "fined" citizens in the park »»»
In Rostov-on-Don arrested 17-year-old, who form the police “fined” citizens, earning a “change” more than 500 rubles.
• Yanukovych, Lukashenko, Obama and Brown is not expected to arrive in Moscow on May 9 »»»
Presidents of Ukraine, Belarus and the United States, as well as the British prime minister will not attend the Victory Day parade on May 9 in Moscow.
• Ilyumzhinov advocates the development of contacts with extraterrestrials »»»
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who will soon leave the presidency of Kalmykia, urged the public not to be afraid to speak openly about contacts with aliens.