History prior to the plot of the program, says Charlie “the first liberator of the universe” receives from the chief among the people’s committee resolution intergalactic information problems that come from the moon some signals. The information received was accompanied by a request that Charlie flew to the moon and to the extent possible to identify the source signals. Charlie could not refuse such a small request. From this point begins the actual game and Charlie no longer act independently and to supervise his inept actions will now have the first picture vam.V Charlie finds himself in the desert moon (visible on the horizon is very beautiful very znakomaya.planeta), trying not to fall until the time of any of the lunar craters. For the beginning of the lunar catch a mole. This type of mole is different from their terrestrial relatives that can easily and willingly assisted, such as vygryzanie passages in the walls of tunnels. When the mole is caught, Charlie can easily jump into one of the craters. He found himself in a labyrinth of underground caves. There awaits him a lot of coasters and monsters (more coasters, the more monsters) Monster needed to kill, and if it is not possible, try to avoid contact with them. Fortunately a collision with them is not dangerous, although a large number of monsters interfere with the movement. On the stand to jump so as to have the opportunity, jumping, moving on podzemelyam.Zadanie Charlie - discover a monolith. Implementation of the job depends on eight built-GOVERNMENTAL “keys” (altshoms), it needs to search the maze and do not lose life. “Keys” look like crystals and colorful enough, the huge size of the dungeon it very difficult assignment. And in the dungeons, among other things, Charlie face unpleasant surprises (eg, small tornadoes that carry Charlie in an unknown part of the maze, or the deep abyss at the bottom of which is waiting for death, etc. ..). Not all of the caves is a way out. In such cases, assistance is provided by a mole, gnaw through the walls of tunnels. This game will take pleasure not only because of an interesting plot, but interesting and graphics solution, as with the visual side, and from the error-free programming techniques. We wish you good fun!

6 November 2011

Rover 75 & MG ZT 1999-2006. Repair and maintenance
Modern psychology and spirituality

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