Google is working on an algorithm

At Google, every day more and more multiplies spam. And fight with them is simply impossible. Google is in his Twitter recently published an article which called for help.

8 November 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly …
Opel Allegra - younger brother of Corsa.

Most recently, on Russian television aired a documentary mold. And at first glance as a harmless phenomenon, contagion was the insidious entity.
• Law on personal data new interference »»»
Today in the pages of my favorite Gazette published an article under the phrase Courts want to publish their decisions, not hiding the names of participants.
• The first issue of Al-Qaeda "will teach readers to assemble bombs in the kitchen »»»
In the first issue of a new English-language magazine published on behalf of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula “(AQAP), readers learn how to make a bomb at home, reports AFP.
• Ukrainian book »»»
Ukrainian book publishing books in Ukraine on the article ID of the article: 23799Fayl: 23799.
• Useful tips to »»»
Useful tips on At our site will find simple tips and helpful advice for all.