Opel Allegra - younger brother of Corsa.

As already known, Opel is working on a car that will take a niche below the Opel Corsa. This kid is likely to be called Allegra. This is the first time the younger brother Corsa was seen in public. Prepolozhitelno its length will be 3.7 m. and will be on the market predstavelna only 3-door version. Opel is developing a new range of engines for Allegra, who …

9 November 2011

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• Citroen DS3 »»»
New Citroen DS3 refers to imidzhevym car. The main objectives that were pursued during its creation.
• In Ulyanovsk, the sons of former head of the police department and the vice-governor arranged a duel »»»
Ulyanovsk agitated history of assaulting a police officer, who allegedly committed with a group of accomplices son of the vice-governor of the region Vildan Zinnurova.
• The glorious company Skoda motoistoriya »»»
Skoda car brand known worldwide, but few suspected that the history of the company began with the invention of the bicycle.
• Licenses for the bookmakers may be indefinite »»»
Ministry of Finance proposed that the perpetual license for sports betting, which are now issued only for five years.
• In Cyprus, develop a new type of tourism for the "UFO Hunters" »»»
Tour operators working in the Cyprus area, decided to go to a new level of leisure activities for their clients.