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. As a rule, in a festive menu contains dishes of fish, one or more. If you decide to cook fish, I recommend to opt for the like of which no one will buy his ordinary days. Fish can be baked whole or cook then …

10 November 2011

Opel Allegra - younger brother of Corsa.
Construction of a new plant for production of dry cement under Krichev

• Medalirovanny chef left the restaurant because he was forced to make hamburgers »»»
The youngest of the British chefs have won the authoritative culinary star Michelin.
• Ear of 300 kilograms of salmon will be cooked on the Fisherman's Day on the Kamchatka »»»
Wuhu of 300 kilograms of salmon cooked on Fisherman’s Day in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, said in a statement posted on the website of the government of the Kamchatka region.
• Kimchi - Korean dish kitchen »»»
Korea’s national dish - a kimchi, and you’re right if you think that the majority of Koreans eat kimchi in one form or another every day.
• Everyone knows the tale of ryabe hen that laid the golden egg How to Cook Chicken »»»
Two recipes: Chicken in a light and dark beer. Chicken in wine with nuts (one of the options for making Chahohbili).
• Rating the world's most expensive delicacies »»»
Connoisseurs of the world were rating the most valuable and expensive dishes in the world.