Go there, I do not know where: a new kind of tourism

11 November 2011 | company, company, customer, information, kind, research, survey, tour, tourism

Construction of a new plant for production of dry cement under Krichev
Terra Nova series

• A new kind of adventure tourism "Visit the Revolution »»»
Beaches, ancient monuments, as guaranteed by the sun - and the smell of revolution in the air: Egypt and Tunisia are banking on their recent unrest.
• In Cyprus, develop a new type of tourism for the "UFO Hunters" »»»
Tour operators working in the Cyprus area, decided to go to a new level of leisure activities for their clients.
• Am Flughafen in New York Fluglotsen zugeordnet, das Flugzeug Ihres Kindes zu verwalten, sprachen die Kinder mit den Piloten. »»»
In den USA, von zwei kleinen Kindern statt der vorgeschriebenen Fluglotsen am Flughafen in New York.
• New Year: the kind plans for the future »»»
New Year: the kind plans for the future Well, when the thought of a battle chimes desires fulfilled.
• Water tourism in the Urals »»»
For water tourism in the Urals find a route to suit all tastes.