Cake “Coffee Symphony” / recipe with photo

Most delicate cake such as coffee and chocolate fan like me. Thin coffee and chocolate flavor cakes in combination with a light curd cream - a wonderful dessert. Most delicate cake for such

13 November 2011

UK police caught 19 wanted criminals, asking them to pick up free beer
According to Barney

• Chocolate Park Museum opened in Beijing »»»
The unique park-museum of sweets, which exhibits edible china, bags, shoes and even warriors from the tomb of China’s first emperor opened in Beijing on Friday, RIA news.
• In Latvia, the officials decided to distribute three tons of ice cream »»»
Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia announced its intention to distribute 3.
• Petersburg pastry blind 70-pound chocolate Putin »»»
Confectioners from St. Petersburg began to work on the growth figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin of chocolate.
• In Malaysia, presented a 130-kilogram chocolate footwear »»»
In this weekend’s Malaysian International Festival of shoes (Malaysia International Shoe Festival).
• New application facebook CoffeeMe »»»
Appendix CoffeeMe works in the social network facebook since 2009.