The Russians named the worst tourist Germans, followed by Ukrainians. and many considered the worst tourists themselves

According to one British tourist sites Russians are the worst tourists. In response, the Research Center for recruiting portal decided to find out who least want to meet the overseas resorts by the Russians.

It's time to leave and relaxing stay coming to an end. The warm sea and the bright sun moving into the category of pleasant memories. But as it turns out, holidays can bring not only joy but also a portion of irritation. Blame the tourists, which is rude, garbage and get drunk.

According to 19% of Russians, tourists deserve the title of worst Germans, who "drink a lot," hamyat "," occupy sunbeds early in the morning and sing loudly in bars "and" sunbathe topless during ugly bodies. By the way, this nation for many years led the ratings of the worst holidaymakers until this year, they are not overtaken by our compatriots.

The second took place in our rating neighbors Ukrainians who scored 11% of the votes of respondents. "There were in Bulgaria. There are behaving badly Ukrainians. They are for other people think! And local and visiting," "Ukrainians insensitive to other cultures, attitudes, traditions …"

British were awarded third place (10%). The worst holidaymakers recognized for their zanudstvo, stormy temper and arrogance: "They were rowdy at least our", "Absolutely rude people"; "The British - vociferous drunkards.

Self-criticism distinguished 9% of Russians admitted that they agree with the UK ranking. "The Russians - the worst tourists because uncivilized on vacation and aim to drink stronger," "I agree with the British. When choosing your hotel, I always wonder whether there is a lot of Russian. I'd rather listen to Italian hubbub than Russian obscenities," - commented holidaymakers.

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