Judge: Before the parliamentary election protests in Ukraine will be episodic in nature

Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of economists, doctor of economic sciences Kendyuhov Alexander predicts that until the fall of 2012 protests of citizens of Ukraine will continue to wear the ep …

25 November 2011

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• The Verkhovna Rada stated that Russia - a historic name in Ukraine »»»
The Verkhovna Rada did bill which says that Russia - is the historical name of the territory on which the modern Ukraine.
• Comparing the results of the periods 1945-1960 (RSFSR) and 1995-2010 (RF) »»»
Today, any responsible citizen of Russia, the questions arise: What became modern Russia as a result of numerous reforms?
• Gryshchenko: prospect of EU membership is not necessary authority, and Ukrainians »»»
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Konstantin Grishchenko said that the prospect of EU membership requires not so much the Ukrainian government as the public.
• St. Petersburg police stopped the rally toys »»»
The police of St. Petersburg ousted opposition camp of Alexander Garden near the Admiralty.
• Poroshenko asked the Russian ban condoms, turn the flag of Ukraine and abolish post of president »»»
The administration of President (AP) Ukraine decided to borrow the experience of the White House in the part of the work with citizens.