Debrecen is Hungary’s capital off the books, more than two hundred thousand inhabitants and is the second city in the country after Budapest’s largest. It is located on the east of the state in the region Alfeld.
The History of Debrecen is very interesting. The city was formed through the merger of several localities. The main historical significance of Debrecen is that it is here Loyosh Kossuth, the famous revolutionary, declared Hungary an independent state. This event occurred in the Calvinist cathedral. During the entire existence of Debrecen, he twice served as the official capital: first, during the rebellion and war of independence in 1849, and later during World War II.
Contacting people in the formation of a new faith and the center of Calvinism in the 16th century was the reason that the city informally styled “Calvinist Rome”. The Second World War destroyed much of Debrecen during his participation in the “Debrecen operation.” For many years after that, the city carefully restored to today he pleased residents and visitors with its beauty.

26 November 2011

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